DIY; painting a bowl


On Pinterest I saw a tutorial for making this beautiful bowls. I decided to make a bowl like this as well, to see how it would look like with the spraying paint I used to paint pine cones


I used:
- a glass bowl (in the tutorial I saw on Pinterest they used a bamboo bowl).
- painting spray (make sure it is for painting glass as well)
- a brush

Step 1 Clean the bowl so it's free of grease.
Step 2 Spray the white paint on the outside of the bowl (lay the bowl downwards). Make sure you protect the surroundings and yourself (for more tips for using the spraying paint, look here).

Step 3 After the paint dried up (after one hour), apply another thin layer of white paint.
Step 4 After the second layer dried up, spray the gold paint on the inside of the bowl (again two thin layers). Paint the border of the bowl gold (or white) with the brush.

Step 5 If you like it, you can draw flowers, or hearts, or dots, or anything you like on the bowl (for example white dots on the inside of the bowl and gold flowers on the outside of the bowl).

When you're finished, and the paint dried up, you can fill the bowl (I'll put jewellery in it). If you want to keep the bowl as beautiful as it is now, I recommend you to not put the bowl in the dishwasher.

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