Creative Diary 5; Kim

This week I had a busy week, I had to work for five days and now I finally have vacation for 9 days. From Friday till Monday I was in Cologne and tomorrow I will go to a little Bungalow at the Veluwe (Dutch national Park). I hope I will find a lot of Autumn leaves, pine cones and acorns, So I can create some nice things I found on Pinterest. 

I made some dreamcatchers at saturday. I like the white one the most. Do you want to make a dreamcatcher yourself? Look at this blogpost

I wanted to chance the wall decoration at my room.
First I had some paintings, which hung there already for a couple of years.  I searched in my travel photobooks on my computer and I found these two photos which I printed and put in a list. I made these photos myself. 

At one photo you see Plivice Lakes in Croatia which I visited in Juny 2014 

And the other photo is from the Svartisen Glacier in Norway which I visited in February 2013. 

When I look at these photos I always think back of these beautiful trips. 

At saturday I bought some things at the second hand store. The tray had a blue colour first, I painted it in dark grey colour. With washi tape I decorated a vase and I painted a pine cone with pink paint. I really like the result!

I bought these bracelets to sell them at the Christmas market. I would love it to make bracelets like this myself some day. 

Making felt animals and hearts. 

I was in Cologne, Germany this weekend!  I saw this great decoration in a sushi  restaurant. very nice for a party! I like Cologne very much, it has many nice shops and a beautiful cathedral! 

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