Write your creative thoughts on your nails!

Today I’ve painted my nails and I would like to share with you how I’ve done it and how the results are. Enjoy!

Along with some creativity I used:
- a transparent base coat
- a transparent top coat
- a nail polish
- a nail art pen (but you can use a needle as well)
- a nail sticker
- nail polish remover

Before applying the polish, file your nails in the shape you want and apply a transparent base coat. When the base coat is dry, apply the nail polish (I use Rimmel London 60 seconds, no. 210) two times in thin coats . To let my nails dry faster, I hold my hand under cold water. You can do this as well, or just wait till your nails are dry.

I want to put a sticker on my nails so after my nail polish is dry, I take the French glam nail stickers from Essence and put the sticker I want on my nail. This is really simple and fast, you select a motive, place it on the nail and apply a top coat on it to seal the sticker.

Source: IZGO nail design, Design Ideas & Instruction Guide
Last year I bought a Nail Art Pen at an annual fair of a Dutch magazine. I really like it, because it is simple: everyone can do this! And you are really challenged to use all your creativity. Another way to draw on your nail is to drop a bit of nail polish on a plate or something and use a needle to apply the nail polish on your nails.
Choose a word or words you want to write and a color and after that all the choices we can start writing! Of course you can also choose to draw something instead of writing. I will post some drawings I’ve done on my nails later.

I want to write ‘creative’ on one nail and ‘neighbours’ on the other, because this is one of our first blogposts and everybody may see it!

The only thing you have to do is squeeze in the plastic bottle of the nail art pen (it is important to shake the pen before using it, otherwise the polish doesn’t mix very well) or to dip the needle in the nail polish and start writing. Make sure you won’t be attracted while doing this, because it’s a really accurate work. After writing the word you want, make sure you clean the top of the pen with nail polish remover.

We are almost finished! After writing the word or words and applying the sticker, you can apply a top coat, so the nail polish will stay much longer!

Yeah, we nailed it!

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