Wood workshop

This weekend we visited a wood workshop at a DIY store. 
We made a little cabinet and a wooden house. 

When you want to make the little cabinet you need: 

4x wooden planks with exactly the same size 

1x triplex plate for the back of the cabinet

1x Drilling machine

8 x big screws
8 x medium screws

For decoration you can use; paint, wallpaper or stamps 

At this photo (on the right) you can see how you have to arrange the wooden planks. First you have to lay the planks  flat down on the table. Mark the spots on top of the plank, where you want to drill the holes.

Take the drilling machine and drill two holes at each plank. Now you can screw the four planks to each other.

When you have the same shape as the picture on the right, you can screw the triplex plate on top of it (to make the backside). Now your cabinet is finished!

 To make the wooden house you need to have one wooden plank. Saw the plank in a big part and a small part. The big part needs two sloping sides, so it will get the shape of a house. Take the drilling machine and drill two holes in the bottom of the house. Screw the house on the little plank you sawed earlier. 

Our results! 

Inspiration to decorate the wooden house

And the cabinet; 
Wandkastjes "House" Bloomingville | Meubels | By Zenz

Kubusjes als nachtkastjes aan de muur naast bed? Voldoende ruimte voor boek telefoon en afstandsbediening

Level; ** 
This project is very easy but watch out with children, there always need to be a adult for this project. 

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