Project Pearl Necklace

Making jewellery is one of my biggest hobby's. I have a lot of beads, and I like to create necklaces and bracelets. This time I made a necklace with pearls. 

Do you want to make this necklace yourself? In about an hour you can have your own pearl statement necklace! A real eyecatcher for party's like Christmas.  

Take a look; 

What do you need? 

You need; 

* a lot of pearls in different colours and sizes. 
* a closure
* 3 long wires

* 3 different pliers
* 4 crimps, to hold the wire together
* 2 little rings 

1.Choose if you want to use gold or silver rings and closures. 
     Take 3 wires and put them together with a crimp by squeezing it,   take an another   crimp and a ring and put the wires in it. 
  Take the end of the wire and put it back through the crimp,    squeeze the crimp, you can  take a look at the photo, how you can  do it. 

2. If you finished the beginning of the necklace take one wire and      string the beads. When you finished one wire take the other and      do the same. 

3. When you finished the three wires, you need to braid the three      wires. Watch out don't make the braid to tight, because then your    necklace will become very small. 

4. Take an another crimp and put it over the three open ends of the    wire. Take a plier and squeeze the crimp, repeat step 1 to close    the necklace. 

5. Your necklace is almost finished! Take a closure and put it on      one of the rings. Now you can wear your own statement necklace! 


Level; ***
Not suitable for children because of the little beads, and the use of sharp elements. For adults it's not very hard to make this necklace. 

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