Creative Diary 4; Denise

I've been busy with crafting and decorating this week.

On Saturday evening Kim and I designed business-cards for Creative Neighbours. We decided to make all the business-cards ourselves, so every card is unique! The design of the card is bases on our logo.

We also planned to go to two Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to both the markets!
 I made a canvas with paint, paper and stamps.

I also made different cards. I really like them!

Found the pen holder made after our blog post on, awesome!

Painted wooden hearts.

Painted pine cones with spraying paint.

Bought new printed felt. I love the designs and colours.

 Making a oven from paper to put cupcakes in!
My grandma made this knitted cardigan.

After eating pizza, we're now crafting again!

I hope you've had a good week as well!

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