DIY: Simple felt purse

I've made a purse of felt today. It's easy and fun to make!

What do you need?
- felt (format: A4)
- paper, pencil and a rule
- scissors
- needle and thread
- velcro
- button, ribbon or other stuff to decorate the purse (if you like)

Step 1 draw the outline of the purse on a paper (I've written the measurements of my blue purse on the outline; the pink purse is smaller, I used a cash card for the outline). 

Step 2 cut the outline.

Step 3 choose a colour of felt for your purse.
Step 4 put the outline you've cut on the felt and cut the felt in the same size.

Step 5 thread a needle to sew the right and left side of the purse.

Step 6 apply the velcro (apply one side of the velcro, put the other side on this side and close the purse, then you know exactly where you have to put the velcro).

Step 7 we're finished!
Step 8 If you like, you can decorate the purse. I've applied a button on the blue purse with a needle and thread and ribbons on the pink purse, but you can do anything you like. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! (no, I'm kidding, in this case, the outline of your purse is :))
Enjoy making and using it!

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