DIY: painting pine cones!

I've painted pine cones with white and golden spraying paint.
I would like to share this project with you!

Firstly, I sprayed the pine cone white. I sprayed two thin layers on it. Make sure you use the painting spray outside or that you at least protect surroundings (and yourself). Before you use the spray, shake it for two minutes and try the colour on a paper or something. Make sure that, after you're finished, you turn the can upside down and spray for several secondes (so the paint wouldn't dry up in the can).
After the white paint dried up, cover the parts that you don't want to paint with the other colour (I used a little plastic bag).
Now apply the other colour.
For a finishing touch, you can add some sparkles (apply them if the paint is still a little bit wet).

(For one pine cone I used white paint (not white spraying paint). This works very good as well! But it takes more time than using spraying paint).

Here you can find another blog about painting pine cones!

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