DIY; nail art stamps

It's time to polish nails!
This time I use nail art stamps and a nail art pen (see
If you want to apply images on your nails like this, you need:
- base coat
- nail art stamps set (I have the Essence - Nail art stampy set).
- nail polish (Essence has special nail art stampy polish, but you can also use normal nail polish)
- top coat
- nail polish remover
(- nail art pen or a needle)
Make sure you clean the scraper, stamp and the image plate with nail polish remover before and after you use them.
 File your nails in the shape you like and apply a transparent base coat. After the base coat, I applied a transparent nail polish, but of course you can also use a nail polish with a colour.
 Choose the nail polish and an image you like.
It's easy to apply the stamps on your nails. Just colour the image with nail polish and quickly pull the scraper over the image.

With the stamp you can roll (from right to left) over the image and after that over the nail (also from right to left).
 I first applied this stamp, but I didn't like it, so I removed it with nail polish remover. After this stamp I applied LOVE, a heart and a butterfly (isn't it cute?):
With the nail art pen (but you can use a needle as well), you can decorate the stamps a little bit.
When I just bought the nail art stampy set, I had to practise a lot. You have to get used to the way you have to scrap and roll, but after some practising, it's easy & fun to do!

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