Creative Diary 2; Denise

Every week we will post a creative photo diary. This week it's my turn to show you how my week has been. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Saturday evening Kim and I had a meeting. We have a lot of ideas for our blog and for the coming weeks. I'm really looking forward to all the things we've planned!

 We've registered Creative Neighbours on Lets start pinning!

I made some little envelopes and made a blogpost about it.

I decided to decorate the chandelier that my sister gave me for my birthday. I went to Intratuin, a Dutch garden centre and bought some stuff to decorate. I love how it looks now!

I went shopping and bought a lot of really cool stuff: washi tape, stamps, fabrics, paint and so on!

Today Kim and I went to a ladies day of one of the biggest Dutch D.I.Y.shops. We visited a wood workshop. In the coming week we will make a blogpost to tell you how we have made this! We want to paint and decorate the things we've made. When we are finished, we'll upload some photos.

At this moment I'm making a 'Creative Neighbours'-notebook. A blog post will be coming soon!

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