Creative Diary 1; Kim

This is my first creative photo diary, I want to make a photo diary every week. This week I made a lot of things. In December I'm going to a Christmas Market to sell my own made things. 

I went to a outlet craftshop this week and I bought some wooden boxes and ornaments which I want to decorate for the Christmas Market.

Home Deco paint, bought it at 'Action' a Dutch budget store

Painting home decorations for the Christmas market, I make white decorations with red ribbons. The two decorations in the front are photoclips.  

Another buy from the outlet craftshop, Christmas ribbons and wooden stickers

The result of the wooden box, i decorate it with felt stickers, I want to buy more heart boxes and decorate it for Christmas.

Bought some new magazines on the Internet. Mollie Makes has some special edition magazines about home decorating, weddings, Christmas and many others!

Project Felt Heart

 Bought of lot of colours felt this week, to create al sort of things for a Christmas Market!

I Love to work with felt!

Made some delicious mini pizza's in a pizzarette oven with friends!

Plans for next week; 
 * Knitting scarfs
* Create felt hearts and animals

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