DIY: Beautiful bracelets!

I like to make jewellery and especially bracelets! I bought some colourful beads and charms and made some nice armcandy! I most like the peace and star charms. Most of the time I use elastic wire, because it's easy to wear. 

What do you need?
- Colourful beads
- Elastic wire
- Colourful charms
- End beads (open beads which you can squeeze)
- Pliers

- Little rings which you can open 
I have a lot of charms like peace,crosses, stars, owls, hearts and buddha's. My favourite website to order charms is; 
It's a Dutch website which also sent to countries in Europe. 

How to make this bracelets?
1. Lay down all your beads and charms and make some nice combinations. Count the beads first, so you can put the charms in the middle. I you dont want to put the charm in the middle you can also put it at the end ( see the yellow bracelet) Or you can use a charm with a little ring.( Like the blue/ green bracelet at the next picture

2. Get a elastic wire and make a little knot at one end of the wire
3. Thread the beads on the wire and put the the charm in the middle. If you have thread enough beads you can make a double knot in the two ends of the wire. 

4. When you made a knot in the bracelet, get a end- bead and put in on the knot. Take a pliers and squeeze the bead until it closes. 

5. Then you can cut the wire that comes out of the end- bead. You finished your bracelet!
And the results are: 

This project is very simple and you can also make it with children. 
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