Selfmade Jewellery

really like to make my own jewellery and especially statement necklaces. Here I show you some of the necklaces I made. Do you want to make these necklaces yourself? I already explained how you can make the first pearl necklace;

I will make a tutorial for the other necklaces as well, watch our blog in the coming weeks. 


DIY: painting pine cones! (II)

I've been painting pine cones again! (You can find a blog post about the first time I painted pine cones (with spraying paint), here:


DIY; nail art stamps

It's time to polish nails!


DIY; Making a dreamcatcher

A couple of days ago I found an picture of a dreamcatcher on Pinterest. First I thought a dreamcatcher always needs to have a lot of feathers and beads. And in my opinion dreamcatchers always looks the same. But when I saw this picture I was really inspired to make a dreamcatcher like this.

I collected some ribbons, leather strings, feathers, beads, lace, pearls, flowers and many other things you like. I ordered a lot of these things at the website . You also need a wooden or plastic ring and some embroidery thread. 


Creative Diary 4; Denise

I've been busy with crafting and decorating this week.

On Saturday evening Kim and I designed business-cards for Creative Neighbours. We decided to make all the business-cards ourselves, so every card is unique! The design of the card is bases on our logo.

We also planned to go to two Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to both the markets!
 I made a canvas with paint, paper and stamps.


DIY: painting pine cones!

I've painted pine cones with white and golden spraying paint.
I would like to share this project with you!


DIY: making cards with photos

In this blogpost you'll find how to make cards like this.
I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial.


DIY; Canvas

I made this canvas to sell at the Christmas market!
If you have questions about this project, you can always send us an e-mail.


DIY; Decorate your chandelier!

In my photo diary of October 11 I showed a photo of a chandelier that my sister gave me for my birthday. I had decorated it with pink flowers and other things.
I found some other beautyfully decorated chandeliers on the internet. I like to share this chandeliers with you!
If you have nice ideas to decorate a chandelier with, please let me know!
My plan is to decorate it with fall-things and after that with Christmas things. I'll keep you posted!



Pimp your Typecase!

A couple of months ago I bought some typecases at the second hand store. I bought two darkbrown typecases, and in my blogpost from yesterday you've seen I painted one of them white. I like typecases very much because you can display your favourite things. 

At the moment I have one typecase filled with jewellery and the other one with an owl collection.  
If you want to give your typecase a make-over you can use paint or wallpaper. I have searched on Pinterest for some inspiration for filling your typecase. These are my personal favourites; 


Creative Diary 3 ; Kim

 This week was very busy, I made a lot of things which I wanted to show you in my diary, 

DIY; unique charger with washi tape!

 I decorated a phone charger with removable washi tape!


Top 5; Craft rooms

On websites as Pinterest, we see a lot of different craft rooms. We've made a post with 5 of the most beautiful craft rooms we've found on Pinterest this month!

DIY; Pen holder

Today I've made a pen holder from empty toilet paper rolls. It's fun to make this with children, because it's simple to make!



Project Pearl Necklace

Making jewellery is one of my biggest hobby's. I have a lot of beads, and I like to create necklaces and bracelets. This time I made a necklace with pearls. 

Do you want to make this necklace yourself? In about an hour you can have your own pearl statement necklace! A real eyecatcher for party's like Christmas.  


DIY: Simple felt purse

I've made a purse of felt today. It's easy and fun to make!


Review ; Freubelweb by Loes Verhoeven

Saturday I finally got the book Freubelweb written and created by Loes Verhoeven. I like the book very much, I will make review
in Dutch because the book is written in Dutch. 

Ik was blij verrast toen ik mijn pakje van opende, natuurlijk had ik de voorkant van het boek al gezien tijdens het bestellen maar in het echt is het boek nog leuker en dikker dan ik dacht! Ik werd meteen enthousiast van de vele kleurenfoto's die het boek rijk is. 
Schermafbeelding 2014-08-17 om 17.35.43


Lovely Creative Neighbours notebook

I've made a 'Creative Neighbours' notebook with washi tape and stamps. It's really easy to make and I think it looks lovely!


Wood workshop

This weekend we visited a wood workshop at a DIY store. 
We made a little cabinet and a wooden house. 

When you want to make the little cabinet you need: 

4x wooden planks with exactly the same size 

1x triplex plate for the back of the cabinet

1x Drilling machine

8 x big screws
8 x medium screws

For decoration you can use; paint, wallpaper or stamps 


Creative Diary 2; Denise

Every week we will post a creative photo diary. This week it's my turn to show you how my week has been. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Saturday evening Kim and I had a meeting. We have a lot of ideas for our blog and for the coming weeks. I'm really looking forward to all the things we've planned!



Shoplog; Freubelweb

Today I pre- ordered this book 'Freubelweb' by Loes Verhoeven.
I really can't wait till the package arrives! I like the Freubelweb website and I think the book will be very nice! This book is Dutch. 

When I got the book I will write a review about it! 

Do you want to buy this book too? The release date is at 11 October. At you can buy it;



Washi Tape!

Today I visited the Hema ( a Dutch warehouse). They have a very nice collection with stationary, home decorating and creative products. I bought three notebooks, a bright pink candle, a white candlestick, pink ducttape, washi tape and decopaper. I saw a lot of creative projects at Pinterest with Washi tape, so I really wanted to try out this tape.


Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags of Shanty for Chic!

Source: website Shanty for Chic
On the website of Shanty for Chic we've found some beautiful printable gift tags for Christmas. We like to share these tags with you! 


DIY: Beautiful bracelets!

I like to make jewellery and especially bracelets! I bought some colourful beads and charms and made some nice armcandy! I most like the peace and star charms. Most of the time I use elastic wire, because it's easy to wear. 


DIY: Cute Envelopes

Lieve volgers,

Ik heb leuke kleine enveloppes gemaakt en in deze post kan je zien hoe ik ze gemaakt hebt. Je kunt de enveloppes gebruiken voor snailmail: kleine kaartjes of kleine cadeautjes of wanneer je iemand geld voor zijn verjaardag geeft. 

// Dear followers,

I’ve made cute little envelopes and in this blogpost you can learn how to make them. You can use the envelopes for snailmail, small cards, small gifts or when you give someone money for their birthday or something. We hope you'll enjoy making this envelopes! //


Creative Diary 1; Kim

This is my first creative photo diary, I want to make a photo diary every week. This week I made a lot of things. In December I'm going to a Christmas Market to sell my own made things. 

I went to a outlet craftshop this week and I bought some wooden boxes and ornaments which I want to decorate for the Christmas Market.


Write your creative thoughts on your nails!

Today I’ve painted my nails and I would like to share with you how I’ve done it and how the results are. Enjoy!

Along with some creativity I used:
- a transparent base coat
- a transparent top coat
- a nail polish
- a nail art pen (but you can use a needle as well)
- a nail sticker
- nail polish remover


DIY; Decoratie harten

Enige tijd geleden kocht ik leuke stoffen en lintjes bij de Action en ik heb een tijdje nagedacht wat ik er van wilde maken. 
Ik leek mij leuk om voor kerst decoratie harten te maken, om alvast te oefenen heb ik ze nu gemaakt met vrolijke kleurtjes. 

De benodigdheden voor dit project zijn; 
* gekleurt lint
* stoffen
* garen die bij de stoffen passen

* naald
* eventueel een naaimachine
* vulschuim/ andere vulling

Voor de versiering:
* gekleurde knopen
* strijkplaatjes
* pailletten

* kralen

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